Tips and ideas for your fundraiser


Giving makes a difference!

If you are thinking about celebrating a special moment of your life supporting a cause you care about…. You are in the right place!

Rete del Dono gives you the opportunity to make the difference and celebrate your achievements involving with friends and family in your challenge and transform this event in an exceptional opportunity to support the good cause you care about.

Raising funds on Rete del Dono is fast easy and safe!

Fast in less than a minute you can create your fundraising page, tell your story, personalize it- uploading pictures and videos – and share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Easy Your friends can donate whenever they want just by clicking on your fundraising page link. And yes, they can do it from any device.

Safe all money raised will be sent to the Charity you choose. Donors will automatically receive a confirmation email of their donation, valid as proof of payment and to claim any fiscal benefit if they are tax payers in Italy. You'll be able to monitor your donations flow simply by checking your fundraising page.


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