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Anna Rowsell
Eat, Pray, Run
Eat, Pray, Run

Jennifer Jacobs, Salvatore Platania, Anna Rowsell and Anthony Wicks (Anna and Anthony in the photo looking cold!) have completed the Milan Marathon relay race on the 15th April and are still raising funds for Abbraccio. This is a charity based in Milan which offers support to disabled children and but also to their parents. They have premises but need to renovate some of the rooms. They are also raising funds to send Nick, the son of one of the founders, to have some dolphin therapy.

It is a really worthwhile charity and I hope as many of you as possible will support it so please reward our efforts for running in the cold and rain on Sunday and donate. Thanks

How to donate?

Click on donare, if you don't want to write your name or a message you don't have to, but in la tua donazione write how much you wish to give in euros then click on dono and you will be redirected to paypal.



    € 30

    Anthony Wicks

    17 Aprile 2012

    € 50

    Monica Hill

    17 Aprile 2012

    € 20

    Maria D.Tieghi

    12 Aprile 2012

    € 40

    12 Aprile 2012

    € 50

    Anne Marie

    8 Aprile 2012

    "Good cause, enjoy!"
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€ 240

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