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Girls On The Run
Girls on the Run strike back!!! Support us, Support Oxfam!
Girls on the Run strike back!!! Support us, Support Oxfam!

After having participated to the Stralugano last year and raised 2032 CHF for charity we decided it's time for a new challenge. And what is a challenge without raising money for a good cause? Being caught by the running fever we will participate in the Milano City Marathon on the 15th April 2012 and we will each run a part of the marathon. We joined the Oxfam Running Team in order to raise as much money as possible to help Oxfam Italy to achieve their goal to end poverty and injustice.
We hope you decide to sponsor us so Oxfam has the possibility to ensure that poor people can improve their lives and livelihoods and have a say in decisions that affect them.
Thank you for your support!
Natalia, Ilse, Inge & Ineke

    € 20


    5 Maggio 2012

    "Well done ladies!"
    € 10

    stefano marzario

    13 Aprile 2012

    € 50

    Hans Schafer

    13 Aprile 2012

    "Animo Natalia! Saludos desde el otro lado del charco y un poco mas alla!"
    € 20


    13 Aprile 2012

    "Best of luck girls!"
    € 50

    Julia & Julio

    13 Aprile 2012

    "Good Luck !!"
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