Let's Get Plastic out of our Seas-Shawn Baxter
Let's Get Plastic out of our Seas-Shawn Baxter

Let's Get Plastic out of our Seas


Marine litter, especially plastic, is increasingly damaging the ecosystems of our seas and oceans.  Recent data show that the Mediterranean Sea is one of the most exposed seas to this emerging threat.  It's plain for all to see who visit Naples and other parts of southern Italy that marine litter is a significant problem.  Marine biologists with whom I've met and been lucky to collaborate through my current job have confirmed the devastating effects of large amounts of plastics in our oceans.  This fundraiser is aimed at financing research on this topic, an important step to increase the knowledge available on the impact of marine litter, in particular microplastics, on Mediterranean fish species, its impact on fishing, the consequences on edible species and trade, and on the possible consequences to human health.

On March 10, I'm planning to ride the 2019 Granfondo Strade Bianche in Tuscany in support of this cause, and I hope you'll consider giving to this worthwhile project this holiday season.  Recently, Jennifer, Magnolia and I visiited the amazing aquarium in Genoa, which reinforced for me the need to do more to protect our seas and the species that call them home.  Grazie mille, Shawn

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