Regulation for NPOs



  1. CAMPAIGN means the fundraising campaign conducted by the Organisation, in cooperation with the Company, as defined below.
  2. CONTRIBUTIONS means the amounts paid by the Company to the Organisations selected.
  3. DONORS means persons making a donation to the projects of the Organisations featured on the Site.
  4. FUNDRAISERS means advocates who publish pages on the Site in order to invite potential donors to make donations to the projects of the Organisations. 5 ORGANISATIONS means the selected non-profit organisations.
  5. PROJECTS means the specific projects needing economic support proposed by the Organisations.
  6. RULES means the Rules governing the conduct of the Campaign.
  7. REQUIREMENTS means the requirements that must be met by the Organisations to access the services of the Site.
  8. APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION means the candidature presented by the Organisations.
  9. SITE means the website used for conducting the Campaign.
  10. COMPANY means the Rete del Dono Srl company.


  1. The present Rules are intended to govern the conduct of Campaigns planned by the individual Organisations and managed with the support of the Company through use of the Site. The Organisation, the Fundraisers and the Donors must comply with the provisions of the present Rules when taking part in a Campaign.
  2. Campaigns aim to support performance of Projects that are socially beneficial and in the general interest in the areas of welfare, healthcare, the environment, protection and enhancement of artistic and cultural heritage, training, education, employment of disadvantaged groups, humanitarian aid and international cooperation and any other sector the activities of which are judged to be socially beneficial and in the general interest.



  1. Applications may be made by Organisations that are legally formed and perform projects that are socially beneficial and in the general interest in the sectors listed in point 2.2.
  2. To demonstrate that they meet the requirements, the Organisations should send Rete del Dono: (a) a copy of the organisational charter/articles of association; (b) a copy of the ID document of the authorised representative; (c) a detailed Project description.
  3. The Company reserves the right to require the Organisations to submit additional documentation.
  4. It should be noted that those wishing to participate in the Campaign must accept the Site’s Terms and Conditions and authorise processing of their personal data having read the Privacy Disclaimer and the Privacy Policy notice.



  1. Users interested in becoming Fundraisers should register with the site using the form provided.
  2. Once registered, Fundraisers may publish one or more pages on the Site that they can use to invite Donors to make donations to Projects.
  3. Once Donors have chosen a Project of an Organisation on the Site that they wish to support, they can make a donation to it.
  4. Organisations must comply with the provisions of Article 5 below.



  1. A given Project of any Organisation may remain on the Site for a maximum term of 12 months; during this period Projects may raise funds and donations collected on the Site will be transferred to the beneficiary Organisation on a quarterly basis.
  2. Should donations collected on the Site fail to meet the target amount to fund the Project, the Organisation must in any case donate Contributions to projects or activities in line with the objectives of the Campaign.



  1. The Organisations registered with the Site must comply with the stated provisions of the present Rules.
  2. Without prejudice to Article 5.2, the Organisations must undertake to use the Contributions solely for the approved Project.
  3. The Company shall be entitled to verify that funds transferred are effectively used for the purposes of performing the Project.



  1. The Company reserves the right to exclude Organisations at any time should they behave in manner not befitting the aims of the Site or should they fail to comply with any of provisions of the present Rules and with their legal obligations or infringe third-party rights.
  2. Under no circumstances may the Company be held responsible, directly or indirectly, for any unlawful acts by the Organisations, the Donors and the Fundraisers.