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Pedro Hugo, Claire, Riccardo, Katerina
Fantastic 4
Fantastic 4

Dear Friends,


We are pleased to run the Milano Marathon as a relay team on Sunday the 2nd of April to help support the children of the slums of Nairobi.

We are running and collecting donations for the formidable association Alice for Children, which is an Italina Onlus operating in Kenya since 2006 and helping more than 3000 children of the slums of Nairobi and their families. The association has created several schools and orphanages, and this year’s Milano Marathon’s donations purpose is to buy school supplies for the children.

We are thankful for every donation: every step against inequality and poverty is a great one!

Thank you🥰

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    2 Aprile 2023

    "Grande Pedro e Alexandra! Continuem em força "
    € 51


    2 Aprile 2023

    "Happy to be party of this excellent initiative! "
    € 16


    2 Aprile 2023

    € 31

    Maria Constança Cunha e Rocha

    2 Aprile 2023

    "Ola, Padrinho! Esta doação é a minha prenda do dia Ramos. xi-coração "
    € 51


    2 Aprile 2023

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