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Earthquake emergency

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Il terremoto ha colpito una zona del centro Italia caratterizzata da borghi storici di piccole dimensioni: questi borghi già nel corso degli anni passati hanno subìto fenomeni di abbandono o di migrazione da parte degli abitanti verso i centri urbani delle vicinanze.

E il terremoto del 24 agosto potrebbe essere un'ulteriore causa di abbandono di questi borghi.

Fidelity International vuole sostenere la ricostruzione di uno dei centri di aggregazione più frequentati di Accumuli, la struttura polivalente danneggiata dal terremoto, supportando il progetto dell'Associazione Amici di Grisciano, che da molti anni si occupa di iniziative sociali nel comune di Grisciano. 




A magnitude-6.2 earthquake hit central Italy early Wednesday August 26th and affected the villages in the Marche and Lazio regions. The earthquake struck ancient villages in  mountainous central Italy, and in addition to the loss of human life widespread destruction of cultural heritage is also damaged.  During the course of the past years these villages have already suffered neglect phenomena or migration from shifting from rural to urban areas nearby.

The earthquake of August 24th could be an additional cause of abandonment of these villages.

Fidelity International wants to support the reconstruction of one of the most popular centres - a polyvalent area - which brings together people in the area and has been damaged by the earthquake. The aim is to help the Association "Amici di Grisciano" - that has been taking care of social initiatives in the municipality of Grisciano for years -  and its project to rebuild the area.

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    Go Craig! All the best.

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    Go for it Craig! Great effort as always.

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    Best of luck everyone!


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