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Andrea Vassallo

Andrea Vassallo

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Ciao! My name is Andrea! I have been riding and racing bikes for many years first in Italy and then in the UK where  I moved to a few years ago! I always loved the feel of freedom I get when out on my bike and the adrenaline that builds up the closer I get to the finish line during a bike race.

My Team IRD Squadra Corse and I have joined the RIDE WITH A MISSION project partnered with WAMI (Mineral water) and ACRA (Non Profit organisation).

The Project consist on building a drinking water supply network that connects 10 schools and many families on the very poor district of Tenghory in Senegal. We will head to Senegal to help build water wells and deliver bicycles to the people of the village and experience life in Tenghory for a week.

We have setup a fundraising page where all and any donation would be much appreciated and will make a big difference to the lives of many people.

Many Thanks!



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    Kim W. - 15 Settembre 2018

    Great cause!

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    Lara Gorlach - 27 Luglio 2018

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