Un’iniziativa di
SDA Bocconi Running Club
for Little Tree House
for Little Tree House

On 03 April 2016 will take place the MILANO RELAY MARATHON 2016 and SDA Bocconi Running Club is very proud to contribute with 6 relays and 1 marathon!!!!

Now begins the real race ... the run for donations!


One of the charities we really want to support is Little Treehouse, a non-profit organization supporting projects in Namibia with key focus on the “Orlindi Orphanage”, a structure that now we support continuously with ordinary maintenance, helping 30 children hosted with primary needs (food, electricity and water) and school and study.


Please help us for the right race!!!

Don't miss your chance to run for charity…help us to cross the finish line of solidarity!!!

    € 16


    28 Marzo 2016

    € 16

    Stefania Fiordaliso

    28 Marzo 2016

    "Forza Ragazzi"
    € 51

    Marco M. E15

    28 Marzo 2016

    "Dai ragazzi!!!"
    € 16


    28 Marzo 2016

    € 51

    Luca Bernabè

    27 Marzo 2016

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