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Baglietto S.p.A.

We run for kids of Sport Senza Frontiere

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Baglietto1854 runner team: Laura Barcellone, Michele Gavino, Alessandro Diomedi and Alessandro Minari, who will give their best to finish the Milano Relay Marathon 2017.

The founds raised are going to be devolved for charity cause. We want to give a chance to every child, even the ones who live in the difficult circumstances, to practice sports that can became an important instrument in education, for socials inclusion and also for well-being of the whole community.

Education, social integration and well-being through sport represents the main goal of the Onlus we would like to contribute to: Sport Senza Frontiere Onlus (SSF).

SSF Onlus organises and manages free sport courses for unfortunate kids and teenagers, with the guidance of qualified staff, in collaboration with a strong network of sports and health associations.

SSF has the ability of bringing hope and significantly increasing the quality of life.

You can support our activity with a donation on this page. Help us win this charity and sports challenge!

Kids and representatives from SSF sincerely thank you for your contribution!


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    Daniele Bellotto - 10 Aprile 2017
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    Michela Cerrai - 5 Aprile 2017
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    Francesco Z - 4 Aprile 2017

    Complimenti team Baglietto 1854!

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    Francesco Paszkowski Design srl - 3 Aprile 2017

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