On February 24, 2022, a full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine began. Thousands of patients with mine-blast injuries, gunshot wounds, burns. Among them are children. The enemy's missiles and bombs do not care who to kill and equally traumatize military and civilians.

RGI Group, Europe's leading software vendor in the digital transformation of insurance companies, is launching a fundraising campaign “YOUKRAINE” to support The National Rehabilitation Center «Unbroken» based at the Lviv First Medical Union, a unique place, where everyone, adult or child, who suffered from war, gets a chance to be saved and rehabilitated. According to the results of last year, more than half a million patients were treated here, including almost 13,000 wounded patients, 80,000 internally displaced persons and 1,800 children with mine-blast injuries and burns from all over Ukraine.


Our initial goal is 20,000 eur, which will help save thousands of lives.

We call to make the contribution which will help to purchase new equipment and support doctors to provide high-quality assistance to the patients at the «Unbroken».

Each and every one can help save the lives of those who defend Ukrainian independence, European values and freedoms in this war.

YOUKRAINE” is about Unbroken Ukraine, about heroic people, about the stolen, crippled childhood of children, about defenders, about common initiative, about caring and unity around what is really important.


"YOUKRAINE" – an important contribution for the sake of every life.


Thanks RGI People & Friends!

#UnitedForUkraine #UnitedForUnbroken

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