Assistance for Covid19
Assistance for Covid19

The Davida Association is a non-profit company that has a collection project purchasing food parcels that are distributed to families and individuals whose livelihoods have been worst affected by the Covid-19 lockdown within Italy's Campania region. A €50 package includes foodstuffs that can sustain a family of 4 living under difficult conditions for a week. Each of these packages is important not only for their fundamental supplies, but also the powerful symbolic value they carry, knowing there are people out there who care. The parcels are purchased and delivered by us personally to accredited distribution organizations, without any intermediary.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

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    € 102


    23 Giugno 2020

    risposta di Associazione Davida ETS

    Many thanks from all who your donation is assisting. It is of great help as families who have lost their sustanence rely on these basic suplies from week to week.

    € 102

    Amanda and Paul O.

    22 Giugno 2020

    "We are pleased to be able to support the Davida ETS project from here in London. Keep well all of you and see you soon. "
    € 509

    Judith Lawless & Kevin Egan

    29 Maggio 2020

    "Very best wishes to all involved with this admirable project."

    risposta di Associazione Davida ETS

    Dear Judith and Kevin, our heartfelt gratitude for your generous gift to the people of our region. On their behalf, thank you.

    € 102

    Socky Morales

    26 Maggio 2020

    "With great pleasure, please accept our donation to the Davida Association. Jorge & Socky, Andy & Barbara Morales"

    risposta di Associazione Davida ETS

    Dear Morales family, you are in our hearts. Many thanks.

    € 1018

    Peter Fogliano and Hal Lester

    20 Maggio 2020

    risposta di Associazione Davida ETS

    Dear Peter and Hal, on behalf of the families receiving the parcels your donation will provide them, thank you both so much for caring about us here in Italy and your kind generosity and big hearts.