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Silence. A new vision together



Il progetto "Silenzio. Una nuova visione" nasce da tre riflessioni:

1- l'Italia è in difficoltà per via del coronavirus e occorre lavorare in rete per poter ripartire;

2- la cultura è la strada per unire le persone di tutto il mondo anche se confinate nelle loro case, negli ospedali o nelle case di riposo (per cui questo progetto vuole promuovere un video da mandare in tutto il mondo);

3- il silenzio e il vuoto nei musei può diventare un luogo nuovo dove lanciare un messaggio di speranza a tutta l'umanità attraverso il linguaggio della danza.

Cosa potete fare: sostenerci, diffondere il messaggio, seguirci!



The problem:

For the Coronavirus situation, every Italian museum is empty, theatres, cinemas and every space connected with collective art are closed with huge economic, cultural and social losses. The presence of a virus, invisible and subtle, has drastically changed daily life, meetings, projects, leading to a new analysis on the concept of emptiness and silence. From Italy, to America, Africa, Asia, Australia, China...we are all confined in our home or country.

People, young or old, are alone. 

Italy is known for its beauty and history, for its museums famous all over the world. Currently, museums and art workers are suffering and this economic crisis has just began its way, alongside the unprecedent health crisis.


The vision: 

The project is the result of the cooperation between the museum Officina della Scrittura and the Egri Foundation for Dance. We are working on the idea that emptiness is not only absence, but also space, a chance, through which to observe a different world, a physical place where the light can pass and enlight environments, antiquities, memories and projects towards a new future

Dance and culture together speak to every hearth on the planet, bringing hope for a new future.


The mission:

Create a new vision of a museum tour, guided by a dancer. The museum will be empty and silent, in order to follow ministerial provisions for the safety of people in this health crisis. The dance will be filmed and transmitted to be seen by people confined in houses, retirement homes or hospitals worldwide. 


What we need:

- expenses for organization, a dancer and a coreograph;

- a short movie maker.


It is our way of responding to the virus, bringing a new hope through art, museums and culture. 

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    2 Aprile 2020

    € 6

    Katia Achino

    17 Marzo 2020

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    17 Marzo 2020

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    17 Marzo 2020