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General Terms and Conditions

1. Rete del Dono

Welcome to, an online platform for conducting charity initiatives and participating in fundraising campaigns (hereinafter “Rete del Dono”). The following terms and conditions govern access to and use of the site (hereinafter the “Site”).

2. Registering with the site

Before registering in order to take part in the initiatives and use the services offered on the Site, users (hereinafter the “User” or “Users”) must accept the following Terms and Conditions (hereinafter the “Terms and Conditions”), giving their consent to personal data processing having read the Notice drawn up in accordance with Legislative Decree No 196/2003 and the Privacy Policy. Acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions is mandatory for use of the Site’s services. Rete del Dono offers exclusively web hosting services, providing the technological support necessary for conducting the initiatives featured on the Site.

3. Users

Three [a1] different categories of users may register on the site:

  • Nonprofit organisations
  • Fundraisers

4. General Terms and Conditions

Users may use the Site and its content exclusively for lawful purposes and in accordance with the applicable regulations. It is forbidden to use the Site to:

  • spread false or misleading information on the persons or entities represented, or offensive or defamatory statements regarding third parties;
  • spread viruses or any other malicious software aimed at damaging the Site  or the interests or property rights of its Users;
  • copy, change or publish the content of the Site or otherwise infringe  the intellectual property rights and registered trade marks of Rete del Dono;
  •  conduct manual or automated copying or other data collection of   Users’ personal data , including their email addresses, without their consent;
  • distribute by postal or telematic means any information present on the Site that might be considered offensive, defamatory or unlawful;
  • use the Site in a manner that might compromise or infringe third-party rights;
  • use software and programmes that might damage the Site;
  • publish pornographic content;
  • infringe third-party copyright;
  • create or reply to so-called “email bombs” (i.e., copies of a single email sent to multiple users or multiple/large files or emails sent  to a single user with malicious intent);
  • conduct  “spamming” operations (i.e., sending of unsolicited emails for commercial gain or other purposes) or performing any other activity that might affect the use or enjoyment of the present Site by any other person;
  • violate the applicable laws and regulations or the provisions of the present Terms and Conditions;
  • perform any action that might unreasonably overload the Site’s web server and might affect normal operation and use;
  • use any instrument to access the Site to perform data or content collection for any purposes without the prior written consent of Rete del Dono;
  • remove any material published by Rete del Dono in any section of this Site;
  • circumvent the measures adopted for preventing or limiting access to the Site.


By engaging in unlawful recording, distribution or transmission of material, Users may incur civil and/or criminal liability. Should any third party claim be presented that a User has posted material on the Site in an unlawful manner, that User shall be exclusively responsible for disproving the claim. By using the Site, Users acknowledge and accept that the relevant posters or senders shall be held exclusively responsible for all material posted on the Site (except for material belonging to Rete del Dono) or sent privately or through the Site, and that Rete del Dono will not be responsible for such material. Users shall be solely and exclusively responsible for any material they post, display or in any other manner send to or through the present Site.


5. Use of Content

The Site is protected by the applicable laws and international conventions on copyright. Content accessed on or through the Site is afforded protection as collective work and/or a collection of works, in accordance with the applicable laws and international conventions on copyright. User may not: (i) reproduce pages or frames present on the Site; (ii) utilise the name of the Site and/or the name Rete del Dono; (iii) reproduce material or links from this Site for commercial gain. Users may only post or publish on the Site content that they own or have been authorised to use. By making such content available to Rete del Dono  Users warrant that they hold all necessary rights, or have been granted a worldwide, unlimited, non-exclusive, irrevocable licence, free of charge and allowing sublicensing and transfer, for the use (including, merely by way of example, the right to exercise copyright, advertising rights and rights over databases)  of such content (including, merely by way of example, the right to reproduce or distribute and  communicate such content publicly, alter it and make it available to the public) through any medium and  using any delivery mode whatsoever. Information relating to the User’s fundraising activities may therefore be sent to other websites exclusively for the purpose of promoting the fundraising initiatives themselves. Rete del Dono reserves the right to remove such content should it have reason to believe that it violates third-party rights or the present Terms and Conditions. The right to use the Site and any content or any other document posted on the Site is subject to compliance by the User with the present Terms and Conditions. Modification or use of any content or any other document posted on the Site for purposes not authorised under the present Terms and Conditions may constitute an infringement of copyright and/or trade marks and is therefore prohibited. Under no circumstances may any content or any other document posted on the Site be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, displayed, transmitted, distributed or used without specific authorisation from Rete del Dono. Any authorisation granted by Rete del Dono to copy the content of any part of the Site for any purposes shall be understood as provided on a one-off basis for non-commercial and personal use, and on condition that none of the copyright notices or notices relating to any other property rights are removed from such content.


6. Abuse

Rete del Dono will not be liable for any content posted by Users. Should Rete del Dono discover that a User has behaved in a manner contrary to the  present  Terms and Conditions that might give rise to civil and/or criminal liability, it may take all measures it deems fit to protect itself and third parties from any resulting loss or damage, including damage to the image or reputation of the Site, including but not limited to: limiting, suspending or cancelling a User’s account and access to services, denying access to the Site, blocking or deleting saved content,  taking measures to prevent the User from accessing the Site or, in the most serious cases, taking appropriate legal action. Under no circumstances may Rete del Dono be held responsible for any unauthorised or unlawful use of its services by its Users. Rete del Dono reserves the right to remove any content from the Site should this be considered to violate any applicable laws or regulations. Please use the address to report any offensive content to Rete del Dono.


7. Site access

Rete del Dono reserves the right to suspend access to the Site, use of its services and performance of Site-related activities should special maintenance activity be required, for the time necessary to complete the work and restore Site operation. Rete del Dono may not be held responsible for any direct and/or indirect loss or damage suffered by Users due to such suspension, whether deriving from force majeure, server issues, or organisational or maintenance needs.


8. Site changes

In order to ensure a constantly improving level of service, Rete del Dono may alter the services and/or documents and/or, in general, the material present on the Site. Whenever necessary, Rete del Dono may amend the Terms and Conditions. Such amendments shall be effective from the time of their publication on the Site, from which time the User may opt to accept or refuse them.


9. Links to other sites

The Site may link to other sites not managed by Rete del Dono. Such links are provided merely for reference purposes. Rete del Dono does not monitor such sites and will accept no responsibility for their content.


10. Indemnification

By accepting the present Terms and Conditions, the User undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless Rete del Dono, its staff, directors, agents and volunteers from all claims or demands for damages by third parties that might derive from breach of even a single provision of the Terms and Conditions, noncompliance with the applicable legal obligations, or infringement of third-party rights by the User. Under no circumstances may Rete del Dono be held responsible, either directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage of any nature that might arise due to use of the Site.


11. Dispute resolution

Except where otherwise stated, the present Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Italian law. By accepting the Term and Conditions, Users acknowledge the exclusive competency of the Court of Milan to hear all claims or disputes involving them.


12. Miscellaneous

Except where otherwise stated, all legal notices must be sent to the registered office address of Rete del Dono, as indicated below, or to the email address provided during the registration procedure. The present Term and Conditions, and all other site rules mentioned in them, represent the entire agreement between the Users and Rete del Dono. Should any provision of these Term and Conditions be or become null and without effect, this shall not affect the validity and effectiveness of the remaining provisions. Failure on the part of Rete del Dono to exercise any of its rights shall not be taken as a waiver of its right to take action against the User or against third parties for breach of the undertakings and obligations assumed under the present Term and Conditions. With the exception of reports of unlawful content or content that infringes intellectual property rights, all notices must be sent by registered mail to the following address. To report unlawful activity, please contact Rete del Dono Srl at .

General Terms and Conditions