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Valerio Scollo
Singapore Crazy Bananas of Love
Singapore Crazy Bananas of Love

From Singapore to Mars, with love.

Valerio, Julia, Fabian, Ky. We may not be the fastest team of the Milano City Marathon, but we will be the yellowest!!

We will run for Podisti da Marte (Runners from Mars), a charity that helps and supports other charities and public institutions.

They spread and popularize personal fund raising and the culture of being active, aiming at changing cities and communities through the change of individuals.

We have got a team together and we are challenging ourselves for Podisi da Marte to raise funds that will help to change lives.

We can change the world by running!!

    € 125


    3 June 2014

    "de la part d4alex Schmitt"
    € 230

    Bonn & Schmitt

    21 May 2014

    "Birthday present from the best colleagues ever"
    € 10


    21 April 2014

    "Sono pricchio"
    € 10


    15 April 2014

    € 10

    Aisling WHelan

    14 April 2014

    "well done Valerio and Julia!"
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