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A vast part of central Italy has been hit by severe earthquakes since August, and seismic activity is continuing. People have lost their lives, and the tragedy has shaken the hearts of many communities by destroying residences, schools, hospitals and businesses. After a 6.2 magnitude earthquake numerous historic buildings were damaged, and the devastation continues across a vast region of our nation. These events have affected the families and friends of many of our people, and help is required to provide support and shelter.

On 18 January 2017, the central regions of Italy were struck by four new earthquakes in a row with magnitudes ranging from 5 to 5.3. They were followed by a series of more than 80 additional quakes to date, of lower strength. The tremors came after some 36 hours of steady snowfall in the mountainous areas of Amatrice and Norcia. Heavy snowing and cold temperatures continued for eight days.

As a result of the earthquakes and the heavy snow, an avalanche also hit the central region Abruzzo Region and one hotel, burying it completely under snow and collapsed claiming the lives of 29 people.

What can we do?

Hogan Lovells would like to support the Italian Red Cross with its earthquake relief efforts.

The Italian Red Cross special search and rescue teams as well as staff, volunteers and special experts have continued the search and rescue, relief item distribution and other activities.  To date, the Italian Red Cross, in close collaboration with the Italian Civil Protection have assisted a total of 14,576 people throughout the earthquakes and extreme weather events.

All donations to this fund will exclusively support locally driven relief and recovery efforts from this disaster.

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