Lebanon: learning must go on!


2020 has been very difficult for everybody in the world, but especially for those who have less and were already facing other emergencies, besides the COVID-19 pandemic.

We at RGI Group, a European leader and digital enabler of Insurers, have been feeling luckier and safer than people struggling to face poverty and humanitarian needs.

It’s the case for Lebanon, a Country not so far from our lives, which has been suffering multiple shocks in the last years: the conflict in Syria, which forced 1.5 million refugees to flee there, a severe financial crisis, exacerbated by the Beirut Port explosions back in August, which destroyed the capital and damaged 202 schools and 48 universities.

Their already extremely fragile education system has been disrupted by the civil unrest after October 2019, that caused 23% children to withdraw from school, then by the health and economic crises in 2020 that have de facto frozen the academic year until its closure in June.

Our Group strongly believes that education is the most powerful source of change and recovery, besides being a moment for social interaction, a basic need that is essential to learning and development.

So we decided to stand with Terre Des Hommes to help them in preventing this crisis to undermine the future of the most vulnerable, both in terms of access to education and protection from violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect.

We know really well Terre des Hommes as we keep supporting their activities from 6 years now and trust their valuable work in ensure proper support in terms of access to education, health, well-being and child protection, with a particular attention to children with special needs, disabled or at risk of dropping out of school, of child labour or early marriage.

This year for Lebanon we would like to do something more: we ask your help too, to support Terre des Hommes in education and retention services for 3925 vulnerable children aged 3-17 years, to whom they will offer non-formal education and distance learning (basic literacy and numeracy; early childhood education) and support for students at risk of dropping out of school, as well as adequate support to teachers and caregivers.

Please show once again the big heart and passion that our People and Friends are well-known for across all our Countries!

Let’s do together our part in ensuring Lebanese children a future in education, the only real unlocker for recovery and development!


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