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Timberland Ladies Do Milano Marathon
Filiz, Anna, Adeline & Roberta Run Faar!
Filiz, Anna, Adeline & Roberta Run Faar!

Hi All

So in a last minute, slightly frantic decision and with a bit of pushing, Filiz, Anna, Adeline and Roberta of the Timberland TSPH team have signed up to run the Milano Marathon Relay. With only 4 weeks to train and money to raise we are pulling out all the stops to make sure we smash the 42KM and raise money for our friends Centro Gulliver!
Please help to support us through our training and race day with a donation to our cause.
Thank you all!

Filiz, Anna, Adeline and Roberta

Timberland TSPH

    € 51

    Mum and Dad

    13 Aprile 2019

    "Well done Anna. A great effort for a worthy cause."
    € 31


    6 Aprile 2019

    "3 different decades 4 nationalities our diversity is our strength! "
    € 15


    6 Aprile 2019

    "Good luck-enjoy-run run run"
    € 21

    Mathilde Lusinchi

    29 Marzo 2019

    "Go go go ladies!! You are the best!! Cheers"
    € 51


    29 Marzo 2019

    "Good luck guys. im sure you'll smash it!!!"
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