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Help us make children happy!!

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Help us fundraise money for summer camps!! 

Children enjoy a summer camp more than anything and some of them don’t have the resources to afford them. Some of them are even in terrible circumstances escaping from war or trying to make a living after natural disasters happened in their cities and they lost everything they had.

Sport Senza Frontiere focuses on helping all these children and they are doing an amazing job but they need our help! My friends and I really believe in this project, and to show our support we will run Rome’s 2020 Marathon to fundraise money and help this organisation and the children. We are a team of 7, coming from different cities in Europe, driven by the idea of setting up a summer camp where children can enjoy a restful week away from their daily worries, enjoy different sports activities in nature and make new friends.

Please don’t hesitate to get involved! Do it for yourself, do it for your inner child! For those good memories that you have from your childhood because you were a lucky one. Do it for them, they really deserve it!! Any contributions are more than welcome! Whatever you do, you will help us to make a real difference to the children we support. We count on all of you!!

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    Belen - 4 Febbraio 2020
    Maria Thank you very much Belen! The children appreciate it!!

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