Mohit Parekh

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I am Mohit, an ophthalmic researcher working at the International Center for Ocular Physiopathology, The Veneto Eye Bank Foundation, Italy. My work is to find practical approaches to treat the ocular disorders. Life is a challenge and to challenge the life in itself is a challenge. On 26th October I'll be involved in a special "scientific program" on the road, the 29th Venice Marathon! Research cannot be only done in the labs and therefore this time I have decided to get out of my lab and actively participate in a fund raising project for science and vision.

This world is surviving on mutual sharing, I need your support in the quest to go beyond the best, to strive for excellence, to achieve the impossible, to believe in miracles and work to prove it, and help those who are waiting in a hope to SEE the beauty of this world.

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‘Running for vision, fighting for vision, saving the vision is the only reason’



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    FLORIAN DAVIDE - 24 Ottobre 2014

    Go Mohit !!!

  • € 12

    jeff holiman - 20 Ottobre 2014

    Best of luck Mohit with your extraordinary run and research activities! Alla Salute! -Jeff

  • € 11

    Centro Ricerche - 10 Ottobre 2014

    Chi va piano va sano e va lontano! I tuoi colleghi: Vanessa, Marina, Barbara, Claudia, Sauro, Hossein, Mauro, Stefano e Mohit che si è autofinanziato con 1 misero euro!

  • € 21

    p&b e procurement - 10 Ottobre 2014


  • € 11

    maffettone alex - 10 Settembre 2014

    Forza mohit

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