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La Lepre e la Tartaruga

A team for great dreams

Raccolto € 20


Who wouldn't want to achieve their dreams ?!

Our team, La Lepre e la Tartaruga (the Hare and the Turtle), will run the Milano Marathon for the foundation Mission Bambini in name of The Human Safety Net, and help children all across the world to have access to health and education. This way we give the opportunity to all to realise their dreams !

We count on your support to help us raise at least 200€ and make us cross the final line for a cause we are deeply caring for !

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  • € 20

    Generali Group - 13 Febbraio 2020

    Grazie per aver aperto una raccolta fondi a favore del progetto The Human Safety Net - Ora di Futuro ed essere diventato nostro ambasciatore in questa gara di solidarietà!

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